Turn Your Employees Into Innovators

A new report in the May-June 2022 Harvard Business Review coauthored by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Harvard business professor Marco Iansiti spotlights the potential for employee-driven digital innovation that will create some 500 million new digital solutions globally by 2023. The authors emphasize these solutions will “require much larger and more-diverse groups of employees – executives, managers, and frontline workers – coming together to rethink how every aspect of the business should operate.”

There’s one other barometer for financial success: In their study of 150 firms, the authors found that the top revenue producers also invested more heavily in technology. Unfortunately, they discovered most technology is too complex to understand or use across the organization which is why many AI-based apps get bogged down in middle management and IT departments.

For truly transformational growth, these experts say, technology needs to be easily implemented, easily understood, and rapidly deployed. Given the changing market conditions in the world today, business leaders and executive teams often need to assess critical business situations in a few days, …not weeks or months.

We know any technology for discovering and refining employee innovations needs three features:

  • It needs to positively engage your employees and enable them to learn from each other’s ideas to inspire new ideas
  • refine and align their insights into an accurate, clear signal
  • provide a trusted feedback loop to move forward together

And this technology must be able to scale, whether you have ten or thousands of employees, partners, or customers contributing your business priorities.

We’ve integrated all these features in CrowdSmart.ai, software that uses AI to amplify human intelligence and increase engagement across your organization, because it leverages the speed and scale of AI to make it simple for you as a business leader to harvest and refine the diverse and collective intelligence of your workforce.

Here's the magic sauce for turning your employees into innovators:

  • Engage your employees and other stakeholders in open, virtual conversations to solicit and refine the diversity of their perspectives and experience in an anonymous exchange of ideas to reduce bias.
  • Align the innovative ideas and insights generated by your employees through interactive exchanges facilitated by our patented AI.
  • Move forward together based on the clear signal the AI has filtered from the collective intelligence of your employees.

At CrowdSmart, we make this process simple to implement – whether in a few hours or a few days – and the results easy to understand and put into action. As business leaders, you will benefit from authentic engagement with your employees, reap the rewards of their innovative ideas, and align everyone together in forward movement toward more productive and successful solutions.

Learn more at CrowdSmart.ai.

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