Let AI Ramp Up Your Company's Innovation

Are you ready for the metaverse?

Whether your business or organization needs to sustain its already innovative efforts, launch a potentially disruptive product or service, or, like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, dive into the metaverse, 21st-century business leaders be forewarned: your company needs to innovate to grow and thrive.

Bianca Miller Cole, a serial entrepreneur, and best-selling author writes in Forbes that “A failure to innovate in the business world can leave you limping behind competitors who are soaring because they decided to update their business model.” She describes how technological advances have enabled companies to seize opportunities that would have never been possible before.

Cole asks what did Blockbuster, Toys R Us, and scores of other once successful companies fail to do that led to their demise? According to the entrepreneur, they failed to take advantage of new technologies, such as online shopping, that their competitors adopted early on.

Right now, a promising new technology is AI. Although AI has been around for a long time, it is only recently that it’s been more widely adopted by businesses and organizations because of cloud services that make speedy access to vast amounts of data a reality.

To discover innovative insights and make predictively accurate plans, CrowdSmart, a cloud service, can help you as a business leader discover innovative insights and build alignment among your stakeholders.  CrowdSmart does this by harvesting collective intelligence from your ecosystem and leveraging its proprietary AI technology to provide you with untapped insights, particularly when virtual work has expanded to become the standard for half of the world’s workforce. The diversity of ideas and knowledge available to you now virtually as a business leader – a dramatic change in the nature of work accelerated by the pandemic -- opens the door wide open for innovation.

If you could discover the tens of thousands of insights of your stakeholders and then apply the power of sophisticated AI to speedily refine and align the winning innovation strategies, you’ve become a hero in leading your company to a successful and continuing future, not only for your employees but also for your customers and investors.

That’s why we have developed CrowdSmart, a cloud service that amplifies the power of collective intelligence with its patented AI, and delivers a streamlined process for innovation to fast forward your business or organization into the future. .

Simple to implement – requiring almost no training – CrowdSmart’s AI turns innovative ideas and opinions shared by customers and other stakeholders into predictive data that feeds an ever-improving AI scoring engine. The results – which can take hours and scale up to tens of thousands of participants – provide a refined final decision with greater institutional alignment and superior predictive strategies for growth and innovation.

Remove the barriers in your organization to innovation now with CrowdSmart’s proven advanced AI technology and become a 21st-century leader with the ability to discover what is important, imagine what is possible, and innovate for your company’s continued growth.


Check out CrowdSmart.ai.

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