Innovate (with AI) or Die

We’re sure that Elon Musk is already planning major innovations to Twitter, like implanting his company’s future Neuralink brain chips to automate tweets straight from your brain to the screen. This might seem as unimaginable as self-driving cars were a decade ago, but given the rapid advancements in AI, any company that plans to grow or even stay in business must realize that innovation is essential to survival.

Chief innovation officers, corporate CEOs, directors of nonprofits, managers at government agencies, and investment fund directors need to adopt innovative strategies to stay competitive and meet customer demands. Moreover, those innovations can go further if they incorporate AI. We’re talking about the kind of AI that is based on algorithms that can rapidly collect and analyze enormous amounts of data for making decisions.

Innovation plus AI is an essential requirement for 21st century business and organizational growth. AI is necessary to grab and analyze innovative ideas in real time at scale from a variety of human sources: your employees, investors, customers, consultants as well as your competitors. AI technology empowers you to scale your ecosystem. AI can also be programmed to align and filter the best ideas for planning new products, services, and values.

istockphoto-1091738564-612x612That’s what CrowdSmart’s SaaS AI delivers: the ability to innovate based on harvesting the best ideas from your business/organization ecosystem rapidly. You frame the question:

  • What products and services will remote workers require for their home offices that they lack now?
  • How will streaming services compete against the reopening of movie theaters?
  • Could some telemedicine services be automated with virtual assistants?

Then CrowdSmart’s AI technology collects answers from your ecosystem on an anonymous basis, eliminating bias and encouraging greater engagement. Participants get to view selected responses and reply to those as well. This iterative process continues asynchronously until the best ideas for innovations are filtered and presented to decision-makers.

Although CrowdSmart’s patented AI software is complex, it works in the background to deliver easily accessible results in the foreground. Our technology is as innovative as the decisions your company or organization will be able to make using it. Try it today. You’ve got nothing to lose except the future.



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