Upgrading Your Company's Work Culture

Arianna Huffington, CEO, and founder of Thrive, has launched a mental health pledge enlisting big companies to make a commitment to their employees’ mental health and well-being. Recently she told Bloomberg TV, “We need to avoid regressing to pre-pandemic work culture, and that means we need to avoid regressing into cultures driven by burnout.”

She also cautioned that “A lot of work has to be done to navigate the new world order, whatever model a company chooses.”

Whether business and organization leaders decide to continue remote work, require in-office work, or offer employees a hybrid model, the decision needs to take account for how it will affect employee morale, which directly impacts retention, recruitment, and productivity.

How will you as a leader decide what a return to the workplace looks like and what will be best for your company? For many, the change in workplace culture imposed by the pandemic opens up new opportunities for transforming your business in ways that yield benefits, not only for your employees’ physical and mental health but also for yielding greater returns to shareholders.

A major insight in companies that managed to thrive during the pandemic, says McKinsey analyst Brooke Weddle, is emphasizing the free flow of information among employees…from the bottom up. That’s the design goal behind CrowdSmart, a streaming service for making bets, says McKinsey analyst Brooke Weddleter, decisions using AI and the collective intelligence of your employees and other stakeholders.

Rather than use the binary format of a survey – in which questions are framed so that answers are already designated – the CrowdSmart engineering team has developed and tested a template for questions that leave answers open-ended. Anyone in your business ecosphere – employees, investors, customers – can respond anonymously to questions. The team works together to refine the ideas and create a clear signal for management, while in the background our AI scales with the ability to include many thousands of participants. 

In the background, the process is complex, but in your hands, the process is easy to set up…almost no training is required to participate. Because identities are anonymous (except for the administrators of the services), participants are more likely to express their opinions without fear of bias reflective of their status, gender, or other considerations.

The service delivers actionable results in minutes or hours to administrators, who can identify and reward key influencers for their contributions. The service scales so that it can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 10,000 users, and the results are archived so you can reference them for later decision-making.

The positive effect on worker morale and productivity is enormous when employees are given the opportunity to remake workplace culture in a way that values their insights and rewards their contributions. The Crowdsmart process allows you to engage your employees in a way that can help you transform the culture of your business or organization and empower your leadership by moving your team forward together.

So before you reconfigure your work culture, check out CrowdSmart.ai and let us help you discover what is important, imagine what is possible, and predict what will work.

Check out CrowdSmart.ai.

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