The Formula for Competitive Advantage Includes AI

What doesn’t work better with a little AI? Early adoption of AI to analyze data based on the insights of a company or organization’s stakeholders, according to a recent article in Forbes, “enables company leaders to program better decision-making capabilities within automated workflows.”

The post by a member in the Forbes Tech Council continues, “Data enhances the power of AI and empowers it to make fast decisions that drive better business outcomes…Intelligent automation is and will continue to be a key driver of competitive advantage for those companies that act to take advantage of it quickly.”

Of course, intelligent automation requires two kinds of intelligence: the collective kind based on human insights and the artificial kind, based on algorithms guiding machine learning. By applying AI to data extracted from collective human intelligence, business leaders can benefit from the best of both worlds and achieve higher levels of productivity to drive growth and competitive advantage quickly.

CrowdSmart was created to combine both forms of intelligence in a simple, fast, and scalable streaming service. Easy to implement and quick to deliver results in hours through a “virtual workshop” that can include from 10 to 100,000 participants in your selected ecosystem, CrowdSmart’s patented AI guides the process of collecting, refining, and then aligning the best insights to deliver actionable solutions.

Unlike polls or surveys, which identify participants and frame questions so that responses are predetermined, Crowdsmart engages participants to submit their insights – including opinions – on an anonymous basis to eliminate any bias based on rank, gender, age, or ethnicity. Or college degree. (Did Bill Gates ever graduate from Harvard? Or Steve Jobs from Reed College?)

Going a step further, and applying its AI, CrowdSmart empowers participants to co-create solutions and move forward together..  

A side benefit of CrowdSmart’s aptly named service is boosting the morale of your employees and other stakeholders, including customers, by demonstrating that you value their ideas. Although the participants are anonymous to each other, administrators of the process can identify thought leaders and reward them accordingly. Needless to say, this improves employee retention as well as productivity.

So take the next step toward competitive advantage with CrowdSmart, a model that combines the best of both smarts: human and machine.

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