Scaling Conversations Beyond Slack

Slack lives up to its name: it slackens the work process by building layer upon layer of never-ending conversations that aren’t designed to lead to a resolution or strategy forward.

An even bigger problem is Slack’s inability to scale; once more than a dozen participants enter a channel, it becomes difficult to find, let alone untangle, conversational threads in what often becomes a Tower of Babble.

What if all those conversations delivering insights, knowledge, and moonshot ideas were viewed simultaneously by everyone, not just channels in sales or finance or product development? And what if you broadened the scope of your participants, inviting your customers, investors, and experts outside the organization into the conversation?

Crucially, what if some genie could eavesdrop on all those conversations and counter conversations, then filter out the ideas that most align with each other and with your goals, and present you with options for making the best decisions?

That genie is the AI behind CrowdSmart’s cloud service, which was developed to quickly and easily capture and then harvest the best ideas, knowledge, and insights of stakeholders in your business or organization, for helping leaders make the most predictive and successful decisions, whether for product innovation, investments, or hiring choices.

CrowdSmart’s solution is like Slack on steroids, not only because it can scale but also because the cloud service deploys patented AI software – the genie -- to transform conversations based on collective intelligence -- into actionable insights.

CrowdSmart encourages participation through the same rewards that drive social media: dopamine floods the brain when people get a chance to offer their opinions and insights. But unlike social media and threaded chat platforms like Slack, CrowdSmart’s technology leads to actionable conclusions through a process of Ai-guided, self-refined iteration of ideas.

Want to go ditch the endless conversational byways and get on the supersonic highway transforming conversation – the collective intelligence inside and outside your organization -- into solutions? Try CrowdSmart, the grid for intelligent decision making.

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