Co-creating Comprehensive Cancer Care

The American Association for Cancer Research Report 2022 states there are now 18 million cancer survivors in the U.S., and that number is expected to increase to 26 million by 2040.


As any person who has experienced cancer knows, care involves far more than clinical treatment. Comprehensive cancer treatment needs to deal with the long-term psychological, physical, and social repercussions of the disease, which impact not only the individual but also family, friends, and society at large.

How can chief innovation officers in leading medical organizations provide comprehensive care that covers these diverse needs of cancer survivors? How can medical business leaders provide accessible systems that connect survivors to their primary physicians as well as to cancer support networks, nutritionists, psychologists, and social workers?

Providing comprehensive care for millions of cancer survivors requires a system that empowers and engages the voices of survivors themselves as well as their care providers. That system also needs to align the diverse needs of survivors and deliver the best programs to help them deal with the emotional and physical effects of the disease and prepare for a healthier life after treatment.

Like the prolific growth of new treatments for cancer emerging today, there’s a new app revolutionizing the way leaders make decisions and innovate programs: CrowdSmart’s app brings people together to co-create innovative solutions to complex problems, like providing excellent, comprehensive cancer care for millions of survivors. Furthermore, Crowdsmart’s AI helps deliver solutions with scale, speed, and high impact by leveraging the collective intelligence of contributors -- in this case, cancer survivors, clinicians, and a multitude of support networks. 

Unlike surveys or general collaboration tools, CrowdSmart engages contributors in active co-creation and alignment toward a goal. It intentionally challenges individual ideas while it sparks everyone's imagination to contribute new insights and continuously tests similar and contrarian views as it builds alignment across the group. Through a process of anonymous engagement, it also eliminates bias and the stigma survivors might experience in the workplace, for example. The system’s ease of use and anonymity can generate unprecedented insights to increase the predictive success of innovative plans and programs.

For a medical organization focusing on comprehensive cancer treatment, what better way to help survivors prepare for a healthier life after treatment than by generating a CrowdSmart session with survivors, their families, physicians, and support groups? The process can take place virtually, asynchronously, and in countries across the globe. Each session can be saved and built on for future sessions, building a knowledge bank for future co-creation.

Co-creation of solutions is the future of decision-making, particularly when it comes to comprehensive cancer care... Learn more about how CrowdSmart is leading the way toward a smarter, co-creative approach to achieving solutions for comprehensive cancer care and bringing your entire ecosystem forward at

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