Women Struggle To Reach The C-Suite

How to Make Headway Using Human Smarts and AI

Throughout history women have always shaped and changed our culture. Yet, 68% of U.S. firms have no women on their boards, and 54% have no female executives. A quarter of all startups meanwhile have programs aimed at increasing the number of women in leadership roles. This is a revolution and we at CrowdSmart.ai are glad to be a part of it. 

As CEO of CrowdSmart, I'm part of an organization that celebrates diversity, collaboration, transparency, and innovation. Our co-founder, Kim Polese, is a woman, many of our investors are women, several of our advisors are women, and our board has female representation. We recognize innately that by embracing and empowering female leadership, CrowdSmart leads by example and fosters continued advances for under-represented groups. We seek out diversity to drive the best solutions. 

But there is certainly more that can be done to break the glass ceiling.  

We do that by bringing the power of AI-facilitated interactions that build more learning and more engagement to create powerful insights and alignment, no matter where and from whom they originate. It's a new way for people to interact so they can move forward together. It's unbiased, built to scale and celebrates solutions. We can help companies by giving your entire workforce a voice, and an opportunity to be heard and seen. 

Because anonymity is built into our system, all voices – whatever their gender – can be heard and factored into making a decision that reflects the diversity and knowledge of your entire organization as well as its customers and stakeholders. Our AI is based on the collective reasoning that includes women as well as men that might have otherwise been overlooked, ignored, or discarded for reasons of gender bias. Our AI does not make decisions; it is designed to assist with the type of complex decisions that only humans can make and help predict their outcomes.

Acknowledging Women’s History Month, we at CrowdSmart join in celebrating women’s voices, women’s knowledge, women’s organizations and startups, and the contributions we can make through our technology to make women’s voices heard.

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