A Washing Machine That Sings?

Want to get kids to do their own laundry? How about a washing
machine that also functions as a virtual jukebox. Once a teen
starts a load, she can activate her favorite Beyonce number at the
same time.

As for manufacturers of any household appliance, like vacuum
cleaners, lawnmowers, and electric shavers, why not embed a
chip to play a bespoke tune that attracts new customers across
the musical spectrum?

Of course, creative ideas like these – check out Samsung’s new
interactive refrigerator – are what make your products and
services stand out from the crowd and can grow your bottom line
to unexpected heights. The key question, though, is deciding
which innovation will work and which one might flop.

Before even going to market or testing an idea, any Chief
Innovation Officer needs to source ideas. And the best way to cull
ideas are at your virtual doorstep: your employees as well as
customers, investors, business consultants, and even that crazy
uncle of yours who has several patents under his belt.

Often the best ideas come from people you know as well as from
people whose insights you should know. That’s why we created
CrowdSmart, a cloud-streaming service that helps you make
better and more predictively accurate decisions about innovating
your market offerings, whether washing machines that sing or
cars that fly.

We process the ideas, opinions, and knowledge from10 to 10,000
people in your ecosphere in response to questions that we help
you frame.

1. Should your household appliances play music?
2. What if your car could fly?
3. Could our e-bikes be modified for people with mobility

Answers are made anonymously to remove any bias and
encourage everyone to submit suggestions they’d be
embarrassed or fearful to talk about if their identity was known.

Then our AI software ranks and aligns the best ideas to engage
participants to respond in ongoing conversations. This process –
we call it collective reasoning – allows the software to dig into the
complexity of the input to align themes, rank ideas, and discover
influencers, and then present a clear analysis for decision makers
to take immediate action. All can be accomplished within a few
hours rather than a few days or weeks.

Take a look at CrowdSmart.ai and see for yourself. You have
nothing to lose except the opportunity to innovate successfully
and change the world.

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